A historical marker graces the facade of the Robin Inn, dating its construction to 1909. Manuel Loupassi emigrated from Greece in 1956, and opened his first restaurant at 18th and Franklin Street in 1959. Closing shop after one year, Loupassi kept his eye on the then-new Robin Inn, situated at the corner of Park Avenue and Robinson Street. In 1964, lacking sufficient funds to change the neon “Robin Inn” sign in the window, Manuel Loupassi took charge of the Fan establishment, keeping its original name. Loupassi took the opportunity to introduce a few Greek and Italian dishes to the menu. For years since, the Robin Inn has received consistent accolates from the Richmond press for affordable meals and superb values.

After serving this casual fare for 32 years, Manuel Loupassi decided to pass the restaurant and all of its responsibilities to his daughter, Niki Loupassi.

Niki, to this day, still provides an unbeatable meal for an unbeatable price, maintaining the family atmosphere that is so central to the Fan District.

~The above excerpt was taken from Anne Meade Besenfelder's Signs of Good Taste, © 2000

11am-2pm Tues-Fri
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12pm-9pm Sun
Spaghetti w/Meat sauce w/Salad & Bread ONLY $5.00!
2601 Park Ave. RVA
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